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Simmental Fleckvieh is a particular strain of Simmental that are derived from German and Austrian origin solely. While Simmental was developing, several strains emerged from various regions of Europe. Each was designed and bred to fit the particular environment and management profile.


Welcome to Porter’s Concrete Service's Simmental lake ranch, a family owned operation located in Waverly, NY, along the Susquehanna river. We have been raising Simmental for over 20 years. We are currently home to over 150 head of traditional Fleckvieh cattle and Simmental cattle.


Our goal over the past 20 years as a seed stock producer has been and continues to emphasize breeding a superior breed of Simmental cattle. We produce genetically well-balanced animals to satisfy all facets of the industry, ranging from the commercial beef producer to the feedlot operator to the consumer.

We've raised Simmental cattle since 1967

We do embryo transplants, artificial insemination, and natural breeding

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In 1998, we decided to concentrate on bringing Fleckvieh genetics into our herd. We have bred all our Simmental to our two superior full Fleckvieh bulls, Mr. JMC Hafke and Mr. JMC Kaiser, to prove to you what Fleckvieh influence will bring to your herd. Those of you who have been able to visit us have witnessed firsthand how powerful proven Fleckvieh genetics can bring your herd into the millennium.

We have traveled all over the United States and Canada to find the type of Simmental cattle which meets today’s needs and breeder's expectations in the Simmental industry. Our animals meet the needs of commercial breeders as well as the purebred and full blood Simmental breeder.